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International Waterfowl Counts

Annual Midwinter Counts have been organised in Sweden as a part of the  International Midwinter Counts (IWC) of Wetlands International since the start of the counts in 1967, whereas a national September survey started in 1973.  

The Midwinter counts 2019 and the September counts 2018 were undertaken according to plan and the results are being analyzed and will be available on the homepage in due time.

Follow the link to see the results waterfowl counts

An analysis of the first fifty years of midwinter counts in Sweden (including the third Country-wide survey 2015 ) was published in Ornis Svecica 2016 and can be downloaded here.

Waterbird midwinter counts fifty years

Download the latest report here (2018/19) 


International Goose Counts in Sweden  

Regular country-wide goose counts within the framework of the Goose Specialist Group of Wetlands International are undertaken in Sweden since 1977/78. In recent years goose counts are organized in September, October, November and January.

The goose counts for 2018/19 have been analyzed and the results are now available on the homepage together with preliminary results from the counts in the autumn of 2019..

Follow the link to see the results Goose counts

The results of the Swedish Goose counts during 1977/78 - 2011/12 have  been published in Ornis Svecica and  can be downloaded below:

Ornis Svecica 2013 Goose Counts

Download the latest report here (2018/19) 


The Whooper Swan survey in Sweden January 2020 












During 11- 12 January Whooper Swans were surveyed in Sweden as part of the international counts undertaken with five year intervals since 1995.

To date 15156 Whooper Swans have been reported from the Swedish sites, mainly in the southern third of the country. However reports are still coming in and I would estimate that the total would be somewhere around 16000, possibly more. Five years ago (2015) the total for the country was 11767 Whooper Swans.

 Whooper Swan census

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The second offshore survey of Swedish waters in the winter 2016

In the winter 2016 a new survey of the wintering waterbirds in the Baltic was undertaken.

The Longtailed Duck has shown a dramatic decrease in numbers during recent years. The estimated population in Swedish waters have decreased from 1.4 mill. in 1992/93 to about 0.5 mill. in 2009. The mumbers wintering in Swedish waters in 2016 were  estimated to be 370000, but it is not yet clear if there is a general decrease in the winterig Baltic population or whether it is a redistribution.

see  Offshore Swedish Seabird Counts