Red neckbands are used on Bean Geese marked in Finland. Red neckbands were also used in the former Nordic Bean Goose Project, but these birds are probably all dead by now. Blue neckbands (same type as used on Greylag Geese are used on Bean Geese marked in Sweden from 2005 onwards.

Neck-banding of Bean Geese started in the Nordic countries in 1977 after some preliminary trials in 1976. Initially Bean Geese were caught with cannon nets on staging areas in SW Scania but from 1981 all catching operations were concentrated on breeding Bean Geese in northern Finland, whereas all efforts in south Sweden were concentrated at reading the neck-bands. Catching of breeding Bean Geese in northernmost Finland was undertaken annually after that, but in 1995 - 1997 only single individuals were neck-banded.


There are three active neckbanding programes in the Nordic countries:


Blue:    Blue collars are used in northern Sweden. The project started 2005. 

Red:      Red collars were used in Finland during 2001-2005. The programme is terminated.

Black and Yellow: : Black and Yellow collars are used on Bean Geese marked in northern Norway.

For some results follow the links below:

Observations of Neck-banded Bean Geese

Satellite-tracking of Bean Geese

Moulting Bean Geese in northern Sweden


All neckbands except red can now be reported directly to:


If you see a Red neckband or have problems with reporting you could report to the adress below:


Leif Nilsson, Ekologihuset, S-223 62  Lund

046-148085    070-5255709




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